Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Related to the Updates of Garmin Maps

In the case of any query related to our privacy policy, you can contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist. Reach us through our email support, i.e. Keeping up and connecting you with full privacy is our responsibility and your credentials are safe with us. Our documentation clearly depicts the types of information received and the way we consume it and even collection part are explained as well.

Garmin Log Files

The technicians of Garmin create the log files for the reference. These files comprise the internet protocol addresses, exit pages, date-time stamp, and internet service provider (ISP). The administrator site, analyzing the trends and tracking of user movements is also done in these log files. Your consent is vital for us to sell, share and disclose your information stored in these log files created by us.

Use of Cookies

There is no use of the small text document with the differentiate unknown identifier that is Cookies. Your device will ask you for permission to keep the file on the hard drive when you will visit Garmin website. And, also be ascertained about the fact that every website has the way to send their cookies to your browser as per your selected preferences.

How Information Transmissions Protected

We cannot email a secure medium of information, and due to this, we ask you to avoid sending credentials or other sensitive data over the email to Garmin. None the less, if you still do this, then Garmin doesn’t take the responsibility of the consequences. While you try to send information over our website, it is protected by the secure sockets layer that proves to be a secure medium for transmission. Thus, sending crucial data like credit card info and other credentials over the mail is not a good decision, as per our experts.

The usage of the software program can be done to create a summary of the statistics for the assessment of the visitors count is ideal. Determination of the technical design specifications and the interesting information is possible with this method on the Garminwebsite. And, this is available for all the Garmin users as this is a software program made to monitor the network traffic. However, the unauthorized should be kept under eye otherwise it may result in the damage.

Acceptance of the Use

We request our users to make the authentic and lawful use of our website. Also, we strictly prohibit the harassment, bad behaviors, offensive content, inconvenience caused to others and disruption in the normal flow of the dialogue in our website i.e.

Policy Change

We, at the Garmin have attained the right to make amendments to our privacy policy any time, without making our users ascertained about it. But, we strictly restrict not to create any involvement of personal information about any of our users. Your information is yours and if you share with us, then it will surely remain confidential with Garminus.